Our extension brOOzi for Firefox has just passed over the 10.000 downloadings !

Thanks about your confidence.

brOOzi, the Firefox add-on   firefox
brOOzi is a rOOki integrated software, but we have developped a stand-alone version, working as an add-on software for your Firefox browser.
It enables to restrict the browsing to the websites you have chosen for your kids.
brOOzi screenshot
 You can add brOOzi to Firefox by clicking here.


brOOzi is a safe web browser that allows kids to discover Internet in a safe and easy way.

Amongst main features, brOOzi is the best filter for parental control of the kids or young children on internet :

  • a safe browsing because the child will be allowed to visit only the websites chosen by an adult;
  • the possibility to block downloads;
  • the creation of a web history;
  • a printer protected by password, to avoid ink wasting;
  • a safe and simplified opening and saving document system.

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